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This is a view of our Texas Dancehalls from a Texas Cowgirl's point of view... The halls , the music and the artists that keep this music alive..The heart and soul of classic and traditional country music fills the air.... Always keep dancin' and supporting the artists, musicians, and bands that fill the old Texas Dancehalls! 

This site is a free site to post your events, dates, and any upcoming news about your music lifestyle! Please send all information to texasdancehallgirl@gmail.com.
We strongly support classic country, honky tonk, and western swing genre’s and artists!
Like our page and become a friend of Texas Dancehalls and always know where the music is playing for your dancing pleasure! 

Information and photos on Texas dancehalls and their music.
All photos are property of Karen E. Gold Photography 


 Thanks again for all that you do to promote Classic Country Music and so many up and coming artist !! All of us appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm !! * Rick Vandiver

 Great page. Always informative. I appreciate good traditional Country music and this page keeps you informed on when and where to enjoy it. * Pete Bernal

 Really enjoy the Country music posted on this site! Keep up the great work!  * Larry Honeycutt

 Love this page. Keeps me up to date on all my music friends that I miss so much. * Johnny Cox

 Love this page! Really appreciate what you do for classic country (and hardcore honkytonkers) Stevie J Rose

 Great music and great people here. Makes me wish I lived in Texas.  * Thomas Armbruster


Exciting, excellent, and exceptional!!!!!! Couldn’t be a better place to go than TEXAS DANCEHALLS. Celebfated a persons wedding there one night. *

 Jesse Ledesma

 When visiting Austin or Sam Antonio to dance (from El Paso), it is nice to know who is playing where. Since I follow Bobby Flores and the Yellow Rose Band, Dale Watson and the Lonestars.
Billy Mata and Texas Tradition,
James Hand, Janice Maynard, Jason Roberts, Justin Trevino, and more, it is nice to schedule trips to dance around my favorite performers. * Susan Minnie

 They do a great job of keeping the Texas music scene out in the public !! * * Tommy Tucker

 A very good page about Country Music and Dancehalls. Great Job !!!  

  * Santiago Perez

 Very good website, just run the battery down, wife and I watching Jake&Tommy
Hooker videos,with Bobby Flores fiddling
In the band. Cant ask for better then that!  * Willis Creswell

 Informing us of what's out there that we may not know about. This is a wonderful informative site. PLEASE keep it up.  * Bonnie Whitacre

 I recommend that everyone listen to her "singin' posts!! They are WONDERFUL with Classic Country Artists doin' the singin'!!
Make that HIGHLY RECOMEND!! 😉  * Dixie Smith


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